Healing Trauma – The Hero Journey

“Surviving trauma isn’t the hero journey. That is your history. The hero journey is deciding to go back and witness what you lived through, retrieve the parts of yourself that you left behind, the parts of yourself that splintered off, and to bring that knowledge and experience into the present, where all of you can be woven back into an integrated whole.”

‘Journey through trauma’ by Gretchen L. Schmelzer, PhD

Do you want to embark onto your hero journey? Whether you are just being curious, about to start your journey or would like to deepen your process:

The trauma online course might be just right for you.

Starting in June, laid out in 4 meetings, covering the basics of trauma and the functioning of the nervous system for your mind to understand and at the same time giving time and space for your process.

Like to know more? Check out the details here and put your name on the waiting list sending an email to julia@juliaschlosser.de

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