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I am in the process of moving my website to another host. And it needs your action to stay informed! Please follow this link to leave your email address if you haven't already. Only then I can continue to send my news to you. There is two little gifts waiting for you. Those of you … Continue reading follow me via WordPress? please leave your email

Talking toxic and narcissistic relationships

Living in a toxic relationship is a reality for more people than commonly assumed. It is happening to children growing up with a toxic parent, it is happening at the work place and in intimate relationships. The effects are horrendous. More often than not it results in a life long search of finding oneself and … Continue reading Talking toxic and narcissistic relationships

free workshop June 2nd

Sunday June 2nd @4pm Madrid time I will be offering a 1 hour workshop on zoom to help raise awareness about narcissistic abuse. Individually and as a community we still do not recognize the warning signs of narcissistic abuse nor do we stand by the victims. Narcissistic abuse is invisible. It quite likely is happening … Continue reading free workshop June 2nd

Narcissism – what’s that?

It's World Narcissistic Abuse Day on June 1st. Why raise awareness? 158 Mio people are affected by narcissistic abuse in the U.S. only!  Many even don't know they are experiencing real emotional and psychological abuse. Why? Closed doors, gas-lightening, perfect facade, shaming, guilt tripping etc keep the victims doubting their feeling. There is a broad … Continue reading Narcissism – what’s that?

Why is secure attachment so important?

Why is secure attachment so important? How come so many people these days speak about it? Does it mean to carry my baby, breast feed on demand and have her sleep in my bed? What is the fuss about? Let me explain... We now know that not only the first 3 years in life but … Continue reading Why is secure attachment so important?

Trauma Q&A Call – watch the recording

ENJOY watching the first live Q&A call on trauma I ever did! Got some basics covered as well as the common statement 'But my kids turned out just fine.' There will be offered Q&A calls regularly live on facebook. In case you have any questions, comments or feedback please comment below or hop over to … Continue reading Trauma Q&A Call – watch the recording

Trauma online course starting in June

The next ONLINE COURSE ‘Trauma in a nutshell’ is going live! Learn about trauma and gift yourself with some time and space for your process from the comfort of your home. What is it all about? Read on, learn about content and hear what participants have said so far. Living with unresolved trauma basically means the … Continue reading Trauma online course starting in June

healing trauma – the hero journey

"Surviving trauma isn't the hero journey. That is your history. The hero journey is deciding to go back and witness what you lived through, retrieve the parts of yourself that you left behind, the parts of yourself that splintered off, and to bring that knowledge and experience into the present, where all of you can … Continue reading healing trauma – the hero journey

Gefühle fühlen – ursprünglich ganz einfach

Fühlen und empfinden können wir alle. Von Geburt an. Was passiert, dass uns diese Fähigkeit als Erwachsene zu grossen Teilen abhanden gekommen ist? Und Mitgefühl? Können wir das wirklich - mitfühlen? Die gute Nachricht ist: fühlen können wir lernen, zu jedem Zeitpunkt im Leben. Hast Du Lust auf eine Entdeckungsreise zu Dir selbst? Das ist … Continue reading Gefühle fühlen – ursprünglich ganz einfach

Trauma – what’s that?

These days more people speak about trauma. And that's good. Awareness is building. But really what is trauma? Unresolved trauma alters memory, effects our health, determines our capacity to relate, to cope with stress and much more... Let's look into this a little more detailed: In a nuthsell there is shock trauma: a situation in … Continue reading Trauma – what’s that?