Find safety and well-being in your own body.

Come back to inner balance in these unsettling times.
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Learn how to be free of past hurt.

Get into the drivers seat of your life and learn new skills to thrive.

I am Julia Zimmermann and am working as a body-oriented trauma counselor (Somatic Experiencing®).

My focus is on raising awareness about trauma and it’s far reaching effects. I feel passionate about helping people understand how not only our mind is affected by early overwhelming experiences, but our capacity to feel and sense; our body is affected, our immune system, who we are in the world, how we relate and how we raise our children.

My focus is very down-to-earth healing oriented. I want my work to make a practical difference. That’s why including the intelligence of the body as well as consciousness on the journey towards greater integration is so important to me.

In my work (I work in german & english) I include a systemic approach, draw from 20 years of experience in bodywork and a deep understanding about how traumatic experience and early attachment wounds shape our way of being in life.

Knowing we are designed to heal I am curious to find the door to greater resilience together with you so that you can live your life consciously, empowered and with delight.

Narcissism Masterclass

Narcissistic abuse is invisible.

But its effects are horrendous. It is a mistake to believe this would be an individual problem. Toxic relationships and what it does to people is a problem that concerns all of us. 

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Free Bodymeditation

Gently dropping into the body and developing a felt sense of what is going on in your life.

This 25 minutes guided meditation invites you to get comfortable in your own skin and relax deeper into the here and now.

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Private Sessions

A safe space in which we can explore whatever is calling your attention right now. We meet over Skype or in person.

No matter what you want to address, I am here with you listening, witnessing and holding space.

So that together we dare a leap towards greater freedom and wisdom.

The mediation is truly calming and soothing.

I was especially taken back by how, in a sense, so little happened yet so much calm was experienced.

I have only had a couple of listens but I am going to listen to it again today.

Eoin, Ireland
about the Bodymeditation

I loved the „ Trauma in a nutshell“ online course.

It was the right mixture of information and sharing. Julia has an uncanny ability to listen, invite and allow the energy field of the group to arise and find an equilibrium.

She will support the participants during openings and discharge, encouraging the group to do hold the space.

Much has happened during these meetings and I am grateful for having been a part of it – and continue to feel the connection to everyone.

Michael, Austria

Thank you so much for this class!

I love the clarity in your speaking and the emphasis on the subtlety in the abuse.

It has taken me many, many years to get clear and to be able to disconnect on most levels.

So I recognize how important it is to bring information in the field of consciousness.
Thank you for doing this. I am looking forward around download more from you.

Ine, Netherlands
about the Narcissism Masterclass

From a place of peace of mind and embodied harmony we can live an empowered life making conscious decisions. It is possible. Also for you.