Trauma Online Course

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Learn about trauma and dedicate some time & space for your own process from the comfort of your home. Be part of this 5 week live program!

Given it is a live course we will meet in person over zoom. Each call there will be time dedicated for interaction and questions giving space to your process. If you can’t make it live, no worries! All sessions will be recorded.

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The trauma online course is designed three-folded:
  1. It will provide basic understanding about how the nervous system functions
  2. Offer skills to navigate moments of agitation more gracefully in yourself and help others, i.e. your kids
  3. Give space to your own process all along

Education is key. Information is the fundament for orientation. Feeling oriented in moments of possible overwhelm makes all the difference.

Sneak preview of the content:

  • Learn means to come back to calm and clarity
  • Discover your resources & make use of them in moments of agitation
  • What is trauma versus overwhelm? How does it happen & what are its far reaching effects?
  • Discern developmental and shock trauma
  • Understand the sympathetic and parasympathetic part of the nervous system as well as the importance of the vagus nerve
  • Discriminate reactions triggered by past memory or present experience
  • Detect fight, flight, freeze and collapse states and learn how to move on
  • Build resilience and greater tolerance of uncomfortable sensations
  • Help establishing an embodied sense of safety

Each week we will explore deeper into one specific topic. Also there will be one related practice for you to work with throughout the week.

Having completed the course you should be better equipped to navigate challenges in life, have broadened your window of resilience and have a more compassionate understanding of your and other peoples wiring.

Being able to be present, meet life in this very moment rather than reacting inappropriately based on old memory and therefor shed some weight carried from the past are only some of the many possible benefits.


We need to understand the innate human nature: our body holds an incredible intelligence, which is organized to help us to survive. It always finds ways to adapt and cope with what is presented to us. That happens as an automatic response, not as a conscious decision. Now we can check if those coping mechanisms that once served us well are still necessary today.

Each week we will explore deeper into one specific topic. Also there will be one related practice for you to work with throughout the week.

Exact dates will be announced in due time!

Included in the Online Course is a pdf workbook to reflect on your process as well as one private session with Julia, which you can book in the 5 week period of the course.

Need financial support? I am happy to offer one place of scholarship which can be shared. Please apply.

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  • Welcome meeting
    Fri 3.30pm CEST
  • 5x Sundays 3.30pm CEST
  • Download recording within 48h
  • One private session with Julia
  • Workbook (pdf)
  • Audio meditation (mp3) & live Q&A call as bonus gift!

  • Cost of €490
  • Payment plan: €170 /
    3 consecutive months
  • With your investment all program content is yours.

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To come to mutual understanding, respect and healing we need to live as a trauma informed community. For our children let’s start and make the world a better place!