Somatic experiencing

Trauma is a physical experience. It only secondarily effects the psyche. The good news is: the human nervous system is designed to cope with stress.

It can work through danger and after some time find its way back to rest. That’s its nature. However highly stressful events can leave the nervous system disorganized and be experienced as traumatic. What happened exceeded our range of tolerance and capacity to self regulate.

High levels of energy released in the moment of subjectively experienced threat are stored in the nervous system. That profoundly effects pretty much any functioning of the body: from breathing to heart rate, digestion, eye sight, capacity to relax and be present and so on.evolution A1A wide variety of symptoms point to deeply embodied trauma such as flashbacks, overthinking, numbness, being highly alert, inappropriate reactions, but also migraine, very high or low blood pressure and many more.

Trauma is part of life. It is important to understand professional help is often needed to overcome trauma.

The entire system is stuck in a state of high alert and our intelligence is working around that trying to avoid a perceived danger, which is over for long time. Clearly our old brain, which is in charge of fight, flight and freeze, needs new experiences and insights in order to process that old piece of information.

In my sessions it is first of all about feeling safe. Safety is fundamental in this process so it can gently take place on its own pace. And safety is a feeling very few of us are familiar with.

The focus is working from dissociation to connection, from numbness to aliveness, from stress to rest – basically towards a more balanced and therefore healthier nervous system. The capacity to self regulate increases as well as the range of tolerance gets bigger the more has been processed and digested inside.

Please do get in touch with me for your questions and a brief personal conversation if you wish to. I am happy to be available for you.


What happened might never be fully forgotten, but it will lift its weight. Suffering can come to an end.