Private Session and Supervison

Julia is available for private sessions to a limited number of clients. Consultations can take place online via zoom/Skype or in person in my office on Mallorca, Spain.

Private sessions provide a safe container in which the emotional and physiological charge which might still be present in the nervous system can discharge step-by-step. In the process of integration you will notice more alignment with reality, a growing sense of wellbeing and belonging, as well as the grip of limiting beliefs lessening. Getting in touch with a sense of empowerment, discernment and choice from awareness is the direction we are going to take.

To help shift old and engrained coping habits it is beneficial to commit to a series of sessions for a certain period of time. Please take advantage of the following offer: 5 sessions over the course of 8 weeks plus a workbook (pdf) to reflect on your process. Get one audio meditation as a bonus gift!


“Successful therapy completes something of the past, psychologically and physically. It restores a person’s capacity to be more in the present and available to move forward in life.

Having processed and integrated a painful history effectively, a person develops strength that he would not otherwise possess. Now a true ‘yes’ to life is possible.” Svagito Liebermeister


Julia is also available for supervision and team supervision. In supervision the focus is on your needs and challenges. We will find out how those relate to your personal history and how to grow beyond what is holding you back. However we do invite a wider focus in order to understand more about important factors like team structure, team dynamic, company and energy field.

Details – Set

  • Set of five sessions
  • Workbook (pdf) to reflect on your process
  • Audio meditation (mp3) as a bonus gift
  • Cost of €525


  • One hour private session
  • Cost of €120

Whatever it was life put you through: you have survived. It’s over.