Narcissism Masterclass


This masterclass is meant to help raise awareness about narcissistic abuse. Individually and as a community we still do not recognize the warning signs of narcissistic abuse nor do we stand by the victims. There is a big lack of information and a lot of half knowledge.

Educating yourself is the first step. Knowledge is power.


This easy-to-understand masterclass is going to walk you through:

  • Red flags to recognize a narcissist
  • The basic control structure of narcissism
  • Manipulation tactics
  • Effects on the victim
  • Prospect of healing from narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic abuse is invisible.
It quite likely is happening in your family, circle of friends or at work.

 Narcissists are geared to maximum control – driven by a huge unconscious need to rule literally everything in their life. And they don’t shy away from the most painful and antisocial means. Manipulation, gas lightening, guilt tripping, lies… no stone will be left unturned.

Narcissistic abuse is aimed to undermine the victims sense of self and self-worth. It’s a strenuous effort to free oneself and does take years of healing and finding ones own ground.

Remember: you can maintain this relationship
OR your self-worth. Healing is in your hands only.

Get your masterclass and receive a corresponding infographic as a bonus gift!

Want to get help to heal from the effects of toxic abuse? Add one private session with Julia at a reduced rate to your masterclass and get the set.

1-hour masterclass
Infographic as a bonus gift
1 private session with Julia

COST €140


1-hour masterclass
Infographic as a bonus gift

COST €45


Know three things: It will not change.
Abuse is not your fault. Healing is in your hands only.