Stress-Trauma-Resilienz. Was hat das miteinander zu tun?

Wann wird Stress zu Überlastung? Und wieso kommt es überhaupt so weit? Ein Aspekt dazu ist zB: wie intakt sind meine Grenzen? Kann ich meine Bedürfnisse wahrnehmen und ausdrücken? Fällt es mir leicht, für mich zu sorgen und nein zu sagen?

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Wie Trauma unsere Sicht und unser Erleben der Welt beeinflusst

Weit vor der Fähigkeit, bewusst zu denken, werden früheste Erfahrungen als subtile Empfindungen im Körper gespeichert. Das wirkt als permanenter SUBJEKTIVER Filter, durch den wir das Leben erfahren. Wie sähe es ohne diesen Filter aus?

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First trauma online course goes live!

the first ONLINE COURSE ‘Trauma in a nutshell’ is going live! Learn about trauma and gift yourself with some time and space for your process from the comfort of your home. What is it all about? Read on and learn about content.

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2nd free meeting on zoom – March 25

Trauma in a nutshell is live! I decided to offer a 2nd free online meeting. For those who couldn’t join the kick-off meeting earlier this month. Also if you have been on that call and would like to participate again you are most welcome to do so.

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childhood trauma lives under the skin

adverse childhood experiences, their lifelong effect and what helps for a better life

We are finding that adverse childhood experiences do not only alter our so-called psyche, but the immune system, the set up of the brain, our stress response, the capacity to take information in, social behaviour, even the DNA. That obviously has a determining impact on chances in life.

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March 4 – let’s meet on zoom

come & join me!
Let’s celebrate new beginnings

I love to invite you to join my kick-off meeting on zoom on March 4, 2018. It will be 1.5 hour for us to connect and reconnect, for you to ask whatever is on your heart and mind and for me to introduce my new work. It is also meant as an open space to feel each other, participate and tune in.

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Relating starts earlier than we thought

Most of us have heard it or have recognized it in themselves:
relating starts within me, starts with the relationship I have with myself.

So what influences the relationship I have with myself? How does that come into existence? What plays into that?

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