About me

Since 2015 I am a certified Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner.
Learning about trauma, how it is deep-seated in our physical body and affects our view of ourselves and the world has been eye-opening. As a social worker, body worker and therapist I have done 100s of sessions with people from all walks of life. SE brought a new dimension to my work.

julia aboutme 1Already at the age of 18 I started learning bodywork first based on reflexology. Over the years this gave me a profound understanding of how the body functions, to ‚read‘ its embodied energy and its compensation mechanisms. To me its curious to find that magic touch that invites the body to open up and allow more of the natural flow back in.

Having travelled the world extensively these past 15 years, I got to know different cultures and learned how social environment shapes our particular wiring. The main influence obviously is how we experience our primary caretakers being with us. This early imprint forms the basis of who we feel we are and how we experience ourselves in relation to the world to a much wider extend than most of us are aware of.

Becoming a mother myself in late 2015 has deepened my understanding and I am called to put it into action on a daily basis. This journey up until now has been beyond words. The miracle of giving birth and seeing this little being discovering and rooting herself in life leaves me in awe every single day. I am feeling deeply blessed and grateful.

These days I am finding myself in new territory. The journey as a married wife came to an end after we have spent many years living, dreaming and working together. Frankly I can say I have been through hell. With the invaluable support of friends and family holding and being with me, I picked myself up again and keep going. A natural process of reflecting, digesting and seeing is happening as well as finding a new place in the world and getting lots of practicalities done.

Where I am at right now: I very much feel like a pretty regular person. Lots of spiritual concepts have dropped away and I am not interested anymore in any kind of explanation. But in feeling with and in living from a pure heart. Just a human being. No extras.

Wherever you find yourself right now: you are welcome just as you are. I am here with you. Here is the space for transformation to happen.

Coming back to sanity, to a place of peace of mind and embodied harmony – that’s my ongoing exploration and invitation to you.