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I am in the process of moving my website to another host. And it needs your action to stay informed! Please follow this link to leave your email address if you haven't already. Only then I can continue to send my news to you. There is two little gifts waiting for you. Those of you … Continue reading follow me via WordPress? please leave your email

Talking toxic and narcissistic relationships

Living in a toxic relationship is a reality for more people than commonly assumed. It is happening to children growing up with a toxic parent, it is happening at the work place and in intimate relationships. The effects are horrendous. More often than not it results in a life long search of finding oneself and … Continue reading Talking toxic and narcissistic relationships

Narcissism – what’s that?

It's World Narcissistic Abuse Day on June 1st. Why raise awareness? 158 Mio people are affected by narcissistic abuse in the U.S. only!  Many even don't know they are experiencing real emotional and psychological abuse. Why? Closed doors, gas-lightening, perfect facade, shaming, guilt tripping etc keep the victims doubting their feeling. There is a broad … Continue reading Narcissism – what’s that?

Why is secure attachment so important?

Why is secure attachment so important? How come so many people these days speak about it? Does it mean to carry my baby, breast feed on demand and have her sleep in my bed? What is the fuss about? Let me explain... We now know that not only the first 3 years in life but … Continue reading Why is secure attachment so important?