Go narc-free in 2021!

Healing from narcissistic abuse: root yourself as the authentic and empowered self you truly are.



Hi, I am Julia your host

If I had known that all I felt was actually happening… but I doubted my gut feeling. I wanted to trust, I was willing to endure crazy ups and downs for what I thought was love. And: I had no idea about narcissism. It took me more than 15 years to begin to understand.

You’ll learn to use proven techniques to:


  1. retrieve your sense of self
  2. find orientation after having experienced gaslightening and manipulation
  3. start to trust your judgement and gut feeling again
  4. tap into your clarity and strength
  5. embody boundaries aligned with our values
    and much more than that.

This course will start end of January 2021.

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