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For you currently in a narcissistic relationship, having left & building
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For those parenting with a narcissist and those wanting to learn more.

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Hi, I am Julia your host

If I had known that all I felt was actually happening… but I doubted my gut feeling. I wanted to trust, I was willing to endure crazy ups and downs for what I thought was love. And: I had no idea about narcissism. It took me more than 15 years to begin to understand.

For you I prepared a short-cut!

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  • recognize red flags
  • dos and don’ts when dealing with a narcissist
  • gaslightening – is this really happening?
  • how to step out of co-dependency
  • open versus covert narcissist
  • tips on parenting
  • how to heal from narcissistic abuse
  • and much more

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