First trauma online course goes live!

the first ONLINE COURSE ‘Trauma in a nutshell’ is going live! Learn about trauma and gift yourself with some time and space for your process from the comfort of your home. What is it all about? Read on and learn about content.

The online course is designed …

… to provide basic understanding about how the nervous system functions

… to help discriminate reactions triggered by past memory or present experience

… to learn means in order to come back to a place of calm

… to build resilience & establish an embodied sense of safety

giving space to your own process all along.

Having completed the course you should be better equipped to navigate challenges in life, have broadened your window of resilience and have a more compassionate understanding of your and other peoples wiring. Being able to be present, meet life in this very moment rather than reacting inappropriately based on old memory and therefor shed some weight carried from the past are only some of the many possible benefits.

It’s calling you? Learn more here

Healing is possible. It’s one step at a time.

‘Trauma in a nutshell’ – a shared space to learn as well as being heard, felt and seen.

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