2nd free meeting on zoom – March 25

Trauma in a nutshell is live! I decided to offer a 2nd free online meeting. For those who couldn’t join the kick-off meeting earlier this month. Also if you have been on that call and would like to participate again you are most welcome to do so.

The kick-off was awesome. People from around the globe joined and we sat and shared as a community. Thank you for being there!

It again will be approx 1,5 hour for us to connect and reconnect, for you to ask whatever is on your heart and mind and for me to introduce my new work. It is also meant as an open space to feel each other, participate and tune in.

I haven’t been around much since giving birth to Stella two years ago. As most of you know life has changed dramatically separating from my then husband and becoming a mother. No one gets through such a ground-shaking process without being majorly transformed and humbled by life.

With some of you I lost touch, with others the inner connection is still intact and some checked in with me during this intense journey. No matter where you find yourself: For all of us the meeting will be an opportunity to catch up and meet fresh. Looking forward to being with you again!

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/504979876

Please send an email to julia@juliaschlosser.de for any questions. This meeting is free of charge. I’ll see you there!

Learn more about the upcoming online course scheduled to start April 8 (to be confirmed).

6 thoughts on “2nd free meeting on zoom – March 25

  1. Hi Julia

    Sorry to have to miss your classes, as my Sunday’s are scheduled thru May! Planning to connect monthly with you — and Marie, if possible??!

    In appreciation and love, Hudner Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hi Julia , thank for your email that I only just managed to look at. I will try to link up for your interactive 2nd meeting talk on trauma in a nut shell. Hope your flow is flowing, and I didn’t realise that you had separated , but also in reality the connection is always there connected as you know. It will be nice too feel that free open space to connect tomorrow . A .? For the talk, Is Trauma also a learned pattern that arises in the nervous system , that we also play out?. Until we open up in the natural SPace. Have a bless day my eternal sister and hi to little vibrant STella, and loved ones. 👆💑


    1. Thank you for your message. Much appreciated. Love that the connection is intact beyond time and space. Looking forward to being together in tomorrow’s meeting.

      If fine with you we could address your questions in the call. It certainly is of many people’s interest.

      For now a brief reply only:
      Trauma is mainly held in the nervous system as a physical happening. It then takes effect on other areas, like health, beliefs, resilience etc. Therefor SE is a bottom-up approach knowing about the necessity to address the physiology in order to discharge stress energy and if necessary complete fight or flight reactions. That much in a nutshell and if there is interest we can dive deeper into that tomorrow.

      Much love your way 💜


    1. ‚in a nutshell’ means: the basic information regarding a certain topic. I am aiming to give people the most important information regarding trauma, early attachment and it’s far reaching effects in simple words.


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