March 4 – let’s meet on zoom

come & join me! Let’s celebrate new beginnings

I love to invite you to join my kick-off meeting on zoom on March 4, 2018 at 5pm Madrid time (UTC +1). It will be 1,5 hour for us to connect and reconnect, for you to ask whatever is on your heart and mind and for me to introduce my new work.

It is also meant as an open space to feel each other, participate and tune in.

I haven’t been around much since giving birth to Stella two years ago. As most of you know life has changed dramatically separating from my then husband and becoming a mother. No one gets through such a ground-shaking process without being majorly transformed and humbled by life.

With some of you I lost touch, with others the inner connection is still intact and some checked in with me during this intense journey. No matter where you find yourself: For all of us the kick-off zoom meeting will be an opportunity to catch up and meet fresh. Looking forward to being with you again!

Please send an email to to register, receive the zoom link and of course for any questions. This meeting is free of charge. I’ll see you there!

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Please come & join me celebrating new beginnings!

5 thoughts on “March 4 – let’s meet on zoom

    1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

      HOW TO? For you it should be as simple as clicking the above link. If it is your first zoom meeting you will need to download a quick plugin and run it, which takes 10-15 seconds. Beyond that, you will join at a click of a button.

      Please note: your video will be switched on automatically. If you preferred not to be visible simply switch it off your end. Also please mute your microphone and unmute when you would like to speak. Otherwise we might run into sound problems. Both easy to find buttons in the left bottom corner. There is a chat option available. You are welcome to use it. Will try to keep an eye on it during the meeting.

      New beginnings – my first zoom meeting ever. I appreciate your patience in case any problems occur.


      1. Thank you all for a wonderful meeting. We were sharing in profound and honest ways with each other – enjoying the connection around the globe with people attending from the US, India, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Spain and more. Thank you being there.

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